Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-002

Description: Enter a valid value
Internal: 1

SAP Error Code: 00-003

Description: Message with maximum length and maximum variable parts: 1234asterix
Internal: 2

SAP Error Code: 00-004

Description: Memory consumption display switched on
Internal: 3

SAP Error Code: 00-005

Description: Memory consumption display switched off
Internal: 4

SAP Error Code: 00-008

Description: Too many nested system menus
Internal: 5

SAP Error Code: 00-009

Description: Incorrect index for screen save stack
Internal: 6

SAP Error Code: 00-010

Description: Error during semaphore operation:
Internal: 7

SAP Error Code: 00-011

Description: Decimal places are not permitted
Internal: 8

SAP Error Code: 00-012

Description: All buffers were reset
Internal: 9

SAP Error Code: 00-013

Description: Menu transaction cannot be called via transaction parameter
Internal: 10

SAP Error Code: 00-014

Description: Error generating screen texts
Internal: 11

SAP Error Code: 00-015

Description: Field value is negative (sign cannot be displayed)
Internal: 12

SAP Error Code: 00-016

Description: Too many nested subscreens
Internal: 13

SAP Error Code: 00-017

Description: Invalid data type for field on screen
Internal: 14

SAP Error Code: 00-018

Description: COMMIT successful
Internal: 15

SAP Error Code: 00-019

Description: Error in SSTEP loop definition -> (screen error)
Internal: 16

SAP Error Code: 00-020

Description: The field value is too large and cannot be displayed
Internal: 17

SAP Error Code: 00-021

Description: The field is too short
Internal: 18

SAP Error Code: 00-022

Description: Storage chain destroyed by RSTG function
Internal: 19

SAP Error Code: 00-023

Description: Incorrect call of RSTG
Internal: 20

SAP Error Code: 00-024

Description: Roll area too small
Internal: 21

SAP Error Code: 00-025

Description: RSTG chain damaged
Internal: 22

SAP Error Code: 00-026

Description: MAIN step EOD missing -> (screen error)
Internal: 23

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