Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-027

Description: The ABAP/4 field data type is incorrect
Internal: 24

SAP Error Code: 00-028

Description: With bit strings, only '0' and '1' are allowed
Internal: 25

SAP Error Code: 00-029

Description: Error loading screens: No end label
Internal: 26

SAP Error Code: 00-031

Description: Transaction is unknown
Internal: 27

SAP Error Code: 00-032

Description: The ABAP/4 field is too short
Internal: 28

SAP Error Code: 00-033

Description: Debugging mode is on
Internal: 29

SAP Error Code: 00-034

Description: Transaction is locked
Internal: 30

SAP Error Code: 00-035

Description: Unable to set parameter (ID (variable should be entered here - variable1), length (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 31

SAP Error Code: 00-036

Description: Cannot reset the entry
Internal: 32

SAP Error Code: 00-037

Description: No update possible. Please check the key fields
Internal: 33

SAP Error Code: 00-038

Description: The screen cannot be saved
Internal: 34

SAP Error Code: 00-039

Description: Screen generation (variable should be entered here - variable1): Incorrect DYNP version
Internal: 35

SAP Error Code: 00-040

Description: Error in 'Waiting for RFCDIA'
Internal: 36

SAP Error Code: 00-041

Description: Syntax error in screen
Internal: 37

SAP Error Code: 00-042

Description: Data has been reset
Internal: 38

SAP Error Code: 00-043

Description: Program error with EXIT FROM LOOP: No loop active
Internal: 39

SAP Error Code: 00-045

Description: Program "(variable should be entered here - variable1)": Screen source "(variable should be entered here - variable1)" is missing
Internal: 40

SAP Error Code: 00-046

Description: Error loading screen source:
Internal: 41

SAP Error Code: 00-047

Description: Screen could not be generated
Internal: 42

SAP Error Code: 00-048

Description: Screen comparison (variable should be entered here - variable1): incorrect ABAP timestamp
Internal: 43

SAP Error Code: 00-049

Description: Module pool without message ID
Internal: 44

SAP Error Code: 00-050

Description: Error formatting terminal data, transaction terminated
Internal: 45

SAP Error Code: 00-051

Description: More than 1 selection field is set
Internal: 46

SAP Error Code: 00-052

Description: Enter a numeric value
Internal: 47

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