Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-053

Description: Invalid SAPGUI logon data
Internal: 48

SAP Error Code: 00-054

Description: Check time format
Internal: 49

SAP Error Code: 00-055

Description: Make an entry in all required fields
Internal: 50

SAP Error Code: 00-056

Description: Too much data held. Please delete data
Internal: 51

SAP Error Code: 00-057

Description: Entry exists (entry is correct)
Internal: 52

SAP Error Code: 00-058

Description: Entry does not exist in - check your entry
Internal: 53

SAP Error Code: 00-059

Description: The entry value is too large (max. 255)
Internal: 54

SAP Error Code: 00-060

Description: Table does not exist in screen
Internal: 55

SAP Error Code: 00-061

Description: The input value is too large (max 32767)
Internal: 56

SAP Error Code: 00-062

Description: CALL SCREEN not allowed in subscreens (program error)
Internal: 57

SAP Error Code: 00-063

Description: Screen must be an Include screen (screen error)
Internal: 58

SAP Error Code: 00-064

Description: Invalid date
Internal: 59

SAP Error Code: 00-065

Description: Enter date in the format
Internal: 60

SAP Error Code: 00-066

Description: Screen must not be an Include screen
Internal: 61

SAP Error Code: 00-067

Description: The RAW field is too long (it cannot be displayed)
Internal: 62

SAP Error Code: 00-068

Description: Error in the hexadecimal input: odd number of digits
Internal: 63

SAP Error Code: 00-069

Description: Please specify time within permitted value range
Internal: 64

SAP Error Code: 00-070

Description: Incorrect hexadecimal digit
Internal: 65

SAP Error Code: 00-071

Description: Function TESTEN DYNPRO not currently possible. Try again.
Internal: 66

SAP Error Code: 00-072

Description: Memory low. Leave the transaction before taking a breakexclamation-point
Internal: 67

SAP Error Code: 00-073

Description: Set SCREEN_COMPRESS
Internal: 68

SAP Error Code: 00-074

Description: Screen display in file .
Internal: 69

SAP Error Code: 00-075

Description: No matchcode selection was made
Internal: 70

SAP Error Code: 00-076

Description: HOLD_MODE , trace_id:
Internal: 71

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