Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-077

Description: Input field contains prohibited characters. (Already replaced)
Internal: 72

SAP Error Code: 00-078

Description: DFIES data incorrect in field (variable should be entered here - variable1)-
Internal: 73

SAP Error Code: 00-079

Description: Internal error with matchcode selection (notify person responsible)
Internal: 74

SAP Error Code: 00-080

Description: Conflict check
Internal: 75

SAP Error Code: 00-081

Description: Nested call of PERFORM ON COMMIT:
Internal: 76

SAP Error Code: 00-082

Description: Cannot display screen with plug-ins
Internal: 77

SAP Error Code: 00-083

Description: CALL SUBSCREEN:
Internal: 78

SAP Error Code: 00-084

Description: Invalid field format (screen error)
Internal: 79

SAP Error Code: 00-085

Internal: 80

SAP Error Code: 00-086

Internal: 81

SAP Error Code: 00-087

Description: Entered value is too large (Max = 2147483647)
Internal: 82

SAP Error Code: 00-088

Description: Input should be in the form
Internal: 83

SAP Error Code: 00-089

Description: Entry too long (please enter in the format (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 84

SAP Error Code: 00-090

Description: Screen is too large
Internal: 85

SAP Error Code: 00-091

Description: You cannot specify the codepage in SAPLogon
Internal: 86

SAP Error Code: 00-092

Description: Entry is too long for the field
Internal: 87

SAP Error Code: 00-093

Description: Data was set
Internal: 88

SAP Error Code: 00-094

Description: Data was held
Internal: 89

SAP Error Code: 00-095

Description: No field was set
Internal: 90

SAP Error Code: 00-096

Description: No field was held
Internal: 91

SAP Error Code: 00-097

Description: Internal table does not exist or is empty
Internal: 92

SAP Error Code: 00-098

Description: Program error with LOOP AT int. tab: FROM greater than TO
Internal: 93

SAP Error Code: 00-099

Description: Field after FROM, TO or CURSOR has incorrect data type
Internal: 94

SAP Error Code: 00-100

Description: Program error with LOOP AT internal table: FROM larger than table end
Internal: 95

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