Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-128

Description: Screen error during matchcode processing (notify person responsible)
Internal: 120

SAP Error Code: 00-129

Description: Matchcode object not specified
Internal: 121

SAP Error Code: 00-130

Description: Current RFC connection does not permit you to execute this function
Internal: 122

SAP Error Code: 00-131

Description: Update stopped
Internal: 123

SAP Error Code: 00-132

Description: Function not possible in update debugging
Internal: 124

SAP Error Code: 00-133

Description: Function not possible in batch debugging
Internal: 125

SAP Error Code: 00-134

Description: Maximum number of sessions reached
Internal: 126

SAP Error Code: 00-135

Description: Maximum number of sessions reached in the system
Internal: 127

SAP Error Code: 00-136

Description: Only 2 modes allowed without system authorization MD
Internal: 128

SAP Error Code: 00-137

Description: Logons from external user authentication are generally rejected
Internal: 129

SAP Error Code: 00-138

Description: Logons from X.509 client certificate are generally rejected
Internal: 130

SAP Error Code: 00-139

Description: This system does not let you log on using a password
Internal: 131

SAP Error Code: 00-140

Description: This system rejects all logons using SSO tickets
Internal: 132

SAP Error Code: 00-141

Description: The system is unable to interpret the SSO ticket received
Internal: 133

SAP Error Code: 00-142

Description: Cannot check issuer of SSO ticket
Internal: 134

SAP Error Code: 00-143

Description: Issuer of SSO ticket is not authorized
Internal: 135

SAP Error Code: 00-144

Description: System received an expired SSO ticket
Internal: 136

SAP Error Code: 00-145

Description: This SSO ticket has already been used (security protection)
Internal: 137

SAP Error Code: 00-146

Description: Error in configuration of SAP logon tickets
Internal: 138

SAP Error Code: 00-148

Description: User account not in validity date
Internal: 139

SAP Error Code: 00-149

Description: No authorization for object
Internal: 140

SAP Error Code: 00-150

Description: You are not authorized to use function
Internal: 141

SAP Error Code: 00-151

Description: Program error. Please notify the person responsible
Internal: 142

SAP Error Code: 00-152

Description: Name or password is incorrect. Please re-enter
Internal: 143

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