Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-153

Description: Please enter new password
Internal: 144

SAP Error Code: 00-154

Description: No valid license installed (no logon possible)
Internal: 145

SAP Error Code: 00-155

Description: User already logged on at another terminal
Internal: 146

SAP Error Code: 00-156

Description: Please logon with a dialog user
Internal: 147

SAP Error Code: 00-157

Description: User not authorized. Session terminated
Internal: 148

SAP Error Code: 00-158

Description: User is locked. Please notify the person responsible
Internal: 149

SAP Error Code: 00-159

Description: The logon language does not match system code page
Internal: 150

SAP Error Code: 00-160

Description: Auth. check > Long text (tr. object (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 151

SAP Error Code: 00-161

Description: CPIC is not allowed in this system
Internal: 152

SAP Error Code: 00-163

Description: Client is not available in this system
Internal: 153

SAP Error Code: 00-164

Description: Error in authorization buffer. Please notify the person responsible
Internal: 154

SAP Error Code: 00-165

Description: Maximum number of users in the system reached
Internal: 155

SAP Error Code: 00-166

Description: The client is currently locked against logon
Internal: 156

SAP Error Code: 00-169

Description: License expiration date: (in days)
Internal: 157

SAP Error Code: 00-170

Description: No logon possible (no hw ID received by mssg server)
Internal: 158

SAP Error Code: 00-171

Description: Enter one of the installed languages
Internal: 159

SAP Error Code: 00-172

Description: You are not authorized to use Transaction
Internal: 160

SAP Error Code: 00-173

Description: Enter your first and last name.
Internal: 161

SAP Error Code: 00-174

Description: No authorization to open the X.25 connection
Internal: 162

SAP Error Code: 00-175

Description: Logon refused (license has expired)
Internal: 163

SAP Error Code: 00-176

Description: Logon refused (license data improperly modified)
Internal: 164

SAP Error Code: 00-177

Description: Logon refused (valid license not installed)
Internal: 165

SAP Error Code: 00-178

Description: Logon refused (license key invalid)
Internal: 166

SAP Error Code: 00-179

Description: Logon not possible (error in license check)
Internal: 167

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