Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-180

Description: Change your password only once a day
Internal: 168

SAP Error Code: 00-181

Description: The new and old passwords must have at least different characters
Internal: 169

SAP Error Code: 00-182

Description: The initial password has expired; request a new one
Internal: 170

SAP Error Code: 00-183

Description: Choose another password (this password is not allowed)
Internal: 171

SAP Error Code: 00-184

Description: The passwords specified must be identical
Internal: 172

SAP Error Code: 00-185

Description: Please use only characters from the 'syntactical character set'
Internal: 173

SAP Error Code: 00-186

Description: New password cannot begin with '?' or 'exclamation-point'
Internal: 174

SAP Error Code: 00-187

Description: Password is not long enough. Choose a different password.
Internal: 175

SAP Error Code: 00-188

Description: The first three characters of a password must all be different
Internal: 176

SAP Error Code: 00-189

Description: The first three characters must not occur in the user name
Internal: 177

SAP Error Code: 00-190

Description: You can no longer change the password
Internal: 178

SAP Error Code: 00-191

Description: Program error. Please notify SAP
Internal: 179

SAP Error Code: 00-192

Description: Password changed
Internal: 180

SAP Error Code: 00-193

Description: Please choose a password that is different from your last 5
Internal: 181

SAP Error Code: 00-194

Description: Password is in exception table
Internal: 182

SAP Error Code: 00-195

Description: The input field contains prohibited characters (already deleted)
Internal: 183

SAP Error Code: 00-196

Description: No valid GUI codepage for language (system codepage (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 184

SAP Error Code: 00-197

Description: You have no password; you cannot logon using a password
Internal: 185

SAP Error Code: 00-198

Description: This operation was canceled because the user has no password
Internal: 186

SAP Error Code: 00-199

Description: You have no authorization to administer passwords remotely for user
Internal: 187

SAP Error Code: 00-201

Description: Exit status unknown (abend)
Internal: 188

SAP Error Code: 00-202

Description: CALL SCREEN (not modal) in modal dialog box not allowed
Internal: 189

SAP Error Code: 00-204

Description: Presentation ended
Internal: 190

SAP Error Code: 00-205

Description: Error in APPC CONN headers
Internal: 191

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