Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-206

Description: Invalid log version
Internal: 192

SAP Error Code: 00-207

Description: APPC connection type '(variable should be entered here - variable1)' not supported
Internal: 193

SAP Error Code: 00-209

Description: Error creating APPC message
Internal: 194

SAP Error Code: 00-210

Description: Error in APPC message
Internal: 195

SAP Error Code: 00-211

Description: No CUA area available
Internal: 196

SAP Error Code: 00-212

Description: Connection terminated
Internal: 197

SAP Error Code: 00-213

Description: CPIC server sending screen (variable should be entered here - variable1). Cancelled
Internal: 198

SAP Error Code: 00-221

Description: Communication terminated
Internal: 199

SAP Error Code: 00-222

Description: Gateway memory bottleneck
Internal: 200

SAP Error Code: 00-223

Description: Connection to a CPIC program terminated (read failed)
Internal: 201

SAP Error Code: 00-224

Description: CPIC program connection ended (write error)
Internal: 202

SAP Error Code: 00-225

Description: Unknown CPIC function
Internal: 203

SAP Error Code: 00-226

Description: Invalid conversation ID
Internal: 204

SAP Error Code: 00-227

Description: SAP gateway process terminated
Internal: 205

SAP Error Code: 00-228

Description: Storage error in SAP gateway
Internal: 206

SAP Error Code: 00-229

Description: Storage error in SAP gateway
Internal: 207

SAP Error Code: 00-230

Description: No free connection available. Please try again later
Internal: 208

SAP Error Code: 00-231

Description: No free SAP gateway processes. Please try again later
Internal: 209

SAP Error Code: 00-232

Description: Failed to start SAP gateway process (gwwp)
Internal: 210

SAP Error Code: 00-233

Description: Incorrect communication type
Internal: 211

SAP Error Code: 00-234

Description: Failed to establish connection to CPIC program
Internal: 212

SAP Error Code: 00-235

Description: Connection no longer exists in internal connection table
Internal: 213

SAP Error Code: 00-236

Description: SAP gateway connection failed. Is SAP gateway started?
Internal: 214

SAP Error Code: 00-237

Description: Connection to SAP gateway terminated (Is SAP gateway closed?)
Internal: 215

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