Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-238

Description: SAP gateway communication error (Is SAP gateway closed?)
Internal: 216

SAP Error Code: 00-239

Description: SAP gateway communication error (Is SAP gateway closed?)
Internal: 217

SAP Error Code: 00-240

Description: Invalid length. Check parameters
Internal: 218

SAP Error Code: 00-241

Description: Function is invalid in this environment
Internal: 219

SAP Error Code: 00-242

Description: Timeout during connection setup. Please check partner availability
Internal: 220

SAP Error Code: 00-243

Description: Failed to connect to R/3. Please check parameters
Internal: 221

SAP Error Code: 00-244

Description: Connection closed by partner
Internal: 222

SAP Error Code: 00-245

Description: Insufficient gateway memory (Try again later)
Internal: 223

SAP Error Code: 00-246

Description: Incorrect version of CPIC program. Please check the installation
Internal: 224

SAP Error Code: 00-247

Description: Local gateway not running
Internal: 225

SAP Error Code: 00-248

Description: Failed to read table TXCOM.
Internal: 226

SAP Error Code: 00-249

Description: Active connection table is full. Please try again later
Internal: 227

SAP Error Code: 00-250

Description: No CUA area available
Internal: 228

SAP Error Code: 00-251

Description: No storage of class SHORT available
Internal: 229

SAP Error Code: 00-252

Description: Entry cannot be selected
Internal: 230

SAP Error Code: 00-253

Description: Invalid OK command
Internal: 231

SAP Error Code: 00-254

Description: Invalid menu code
Internal: 232

SAP Error Code: 00-255

Description: Function code cannot be selected
Internal: 233

SAP Error Code: 00-256

Description: Choose a valid function
Internal: 234

SAP Error Code: 00-257

Description: No menu entries found
Internal: 235

SAP Error Code: 00-258

Description: Unknown event
Internal: 236

SAP Error Code: 00-259

Description: DB cursor cannot be set
Internal: 237

SAP Error Code: 00-260

Description: Invalid "fastpath"
Internal: 238

SAP Error Code: 00-261

Description: Storage area for GUI status too small
Internal: 239

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