Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-262

Description: No status entry found for dollar-sign dollar-sign
Internal: 240

SAP Error Code: 00-263

Description: CUA: (Function sets missing)
Internal: 241

SAP Error Code: 00-264

Description: Status of the user interface missing
Internal: 242

SAP Error Code: 00-265

Description: CUA: (F keys missing)
Internal: 243

SAP Error Code: 00-266

Description: CUA: (F keys missing)
Internal: 244

SAP Error Code: 00-267

Description: CUA: (Texts missing)
Internal: 245

SAP Error Code: 00-268

Description: CUA: (Set of active functions missing)
Internal: 246

SAP Error Code: 00-269

Description: Help function is only active after logon
Internal: 247

SAP Error Code: 00-270

Description: A status cannot be set in a sub-screen. (Screen : (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 248

SAP Error Code: 00-271

Description: No more memory in the SHORT class
Internal: 249

SAP Error Code: 00-272

Description: Insufficient memory: Include menu cannot be included
Internal: 250

SAP Error Code: 00-274

Description: Error in call parameters
Internal: 251

SAP Error Code: 00-275

Description: Unable to reconnect from to
Internal: 252

SAP Error Code: 00-276

Description: DB connection to replacement DB server initialized
Internal: 253

SAP Error Code: 00-277

Description: Error in call DB_FUNCTION
Internal: 254

SAP Error Code: 00-280

Description: The password must contain at least digits (0-9)
Internal: 255

SAP Error Code: 00-281

Description: The password must contain at least letters (A-Z, a-z)
Internal: 256

SAP Error Code: 00-282

Description: The password must contain at least special characters
Internal: 257

SAP Error Code: 00-290

Description: Enter your old password
Internal: 258

SAP Error Code: 00-291

Description: Your password has been deactivated
Internal: 259

SAP Error Code: 00-293

Description: Both passwords must be identical
Internal: 260

SAP Error Code: 00-295

Description: Communication error, Transaction (variable should be entered here - variable1), Number in folder
Internal: 261

SAP Error Code: 00-297

Description: Field changed: (previously: (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 262

SAP Error Code: 00-298

Description: Formatting error in the field (variable should be entered here - variable1); see next message
Internal: 263

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