Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-299

Description: Could not release folder (variable should be entered here - variable1), since it still contains a background job
Internal: 264

SAP Error Code: 00-300

Description: Session is being processed by user in mode on server
Internal: 265

SAP Error Code: 00-301

Description: Position the cursor on a line in the list
Internal: 266

SAP Error Code: 00-302

Description: Invalid date
Internal: 267

SAP Error Code: 00-303

Description: You cannot process more than one session with this function
Internal: 268

SAP Error Code: 00-306

Description: No session found with status "New" or "Error"
Internal: 269

SAP Error Code: 00-307

Description: Error in of session
Internal: 270

SAP Error Code: 00-308

Description: The batch input session is empty
Internal: 271

SAP Error Code: 00-309

Description: The requested session cannot be processed
Internal: 272

SAP Error Code: 00-310

Description: Please choose a processing option
Internal: 273

SAP Error Code: 00-312

Description: The requested session is locked
Internal: 274

SAP Error Code: 00-316

Description: Screen source not available:
Internal: 275

SAP Error Code: 00-317

Description: Unable to read log list
Internal: 276

SAP Error Code: 00-318

Description: Log list is empty
Internal: 277

SAP Error Code: 00-319

Description: Unable to find log list
Internal: 278

SAP Error Code: 00-320

Description: Session destroyed, cannot be processed
Internal: 279

SAP Error Code: 00-322

Description: Session is being processed by user
Internal: 280

SAP Error Code: 00-323

Description: You cannot process more than one log with this function
Internal: 281

SAP Error Code: 00-324

Description: No log exists
Internal: 282

SAP Error Code: 00-325

Description: No log list available
Internal: 283

SAP Error Code: 00-326

Description: Session released for processing
Internal: 284

SAP Error Code: 00-327

Description: Status cannot be changed
Internal: 285

SAP Error Code: 00-328

Description: The required block does not exist
Internal: 286

SAP Error Code: 00-340

Description: Batch input queue error. Please check the system log
Internal: 287

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