Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-341

Description: Runtime error has occurred
Internal: 288

SAP Error Code: 00-342

Description: Batch input internal error. Please check the system log
Internal: 289

SAP Error Code: 00-343

Description: Cursor field does not exist in the screen
Internal: 290

SAP Error Code: 00-344

Description: No batch input data for screen
Internal: 291

SAP Error Code: 00-345

Description: Processing of batch input session completed
Internal: 292

SAP Error Code: 00-346

Description: Field name not valid in the batch input data
Internal: 293

SAP Error Code: 00-347

Description: Field is not an input field
Internal: 294

SAP Error Code: 00-348

Description: Field input value is longer than screen field
Internal: 295

SAP Error Code: 00-349

Description: Field does not exist in the screen
Internal: 296

SAP Error Code: 00-350

Description: Input value for OK code is too long
Internal: 297

SAP Error Code: 00-353

Description: Session cannot be protected (error in locking operation)
Internal: 298

SAP Error Code: 00-354

Description: OK code is not allowed in batch input
Internal: 299

SAP Error Code: 00-355

Description: Transaction was processed successfully
Internal: 300

SAP Error Code: 00-356

Description: Transaction was deleted from batch input session
Internal: 301

SAP Error Code: 00-357

Description: Transaction error
Internal: 302

SAP Error Code: 00-358

Description: Field not found in loop of screen
Internal: 303

SAP Error Code: 00-359

Description: The transaction was terminated by the user
Internal: 304

SAP Error Code: 00-360

Description: Queue error, function: RC SQL-RC
Internal: 305

SAP Error Code: 00-361

Description: Error in transaction data
Internal: 306

SAP Error Code: 00-362

Description: Error in screen data
Internal: 307

SAP Error Code: 00-367

Description: Screen deleted from batch input session
Internal: 308

SAP Error Code: 00-369

Description: Screen is not required
Internal: 309

SAP Error Code: 00-370

Description: Processing statistics
Internal: 310

SAP Error Code: 00-371

Description: Length error in transaction data
Internal: 311

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