Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-372

Description: Length error in screen data
Internal: 312

SAP Error Code: 00-373

Description: Update error, transaction (variable should be entered here - variable1), no. in session
Internal: 313

SAP Error Code: 00-377

Description: Update error, transaction
Internal: 314

SAP Error Code: 00-378

Description: Start screen does not exist in batch input data
Internal: 315

SAP Error Code: 00-379

Description: Screen is too large for internal batch input area
Internal: 316

SAP Error Code: 00-380

Description: Processing not possible (session is locked)
Internal: 317

SAP Error Code: 00-381

Description: Batch input session deleted
Internal: 318

SAP Error Code: 00-382

Description: Batch input processing ended
Internal: 319

SAP Error Code: 00-383

Description: Batch input processing cancelled
Internal: 320

SAP Error Code: 00-384

Description: Start of session reached
Internal: 321

SAP Error Code: 00-385

Description: End of session reached
Internal: 322

SAP Error Code: 00-386

Description: Log for session deleted
Internal: 323

SAP Error Code: 00-387

Description: Error deleting log
Internal: 324

SAP Error Code: 00-389

Description: No authorization for reorganizing sessions and logs
Internal: 325

SAP Error Code: 00-390

Description: Unable to schedule session (variable should be entered here - variable1).
Internal: 326

SAP Error Code: 00-391

Description: No authorization for processing session online
Internal: 327

SAP Error Code: 00-392

Description: No authorization for processing session in background
Internal: 328

SAP Error Code: 00-393

Description: No authorization for release of session
Internal: 329

SAP Error Code: 00-394

Description: No authorization for locking/unlocking session
Internal: 330

SAP Error Code: 00-395

Description: No authorization for deleting session
Internal: 331

SAP Error Code: 00-396

Description: No authorization for analyzing session
Internal: 332

SAP Error Code: 00-397

Description: Batch input is not active
Internal: 333

SAP Error Code: 00-399

Description: Batch input: Unknown return code
Internal: 334

SAP Error Code: 00-400

Description: No free dialog process available
Internal: 335

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