Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-401

Description: Maximum number of internal sessions reached
Internal: 336

SAP Error Code: 00-402

Description: Error establishing CPIC connection
Internal: 337

SAP Error Code: 00-403

Description: Eye catcher of the number range buffer corrupted
Internal: 338

SAP Error Code: 00-404

Description: Error setting up a remote session
Internal: 339

SAP Error Code: 00-405

Description: Active program is being terminated (please wait)
Internal: 340

SAP Error Code: 00-406

Description: Active program could not be terminated
Internal: 341

SAP Error Code: 00-407

Description: You cannot take over another user's session
Internal: 342

SAP Error Code: 00-408

Description: Old session could not be adopted
Internal: 343

SAP Error Code: 00-409

Description: Position the cursor in a column
Internal: 344

SAP Error Code: 00-410

Description: Function not currently supported
Internal: 345

SAP Error Code: 00-411

Description: Maximum number of sessions reached
Internal: 346

SAP Error Code: 00-412

Description: Session is still active
Internal: 347

SAP Error Code: 00-413

Description: Session already exists
Internal: 348

SAP Error Code: 00-414

Description: Sessions locked for users
Internal: 349

SAP Error Code: 00-415

Description: Invalid session no.
Internal: 350

SAP Error Code: 00-416

Description: Session does not exist
Internal: 351

SAP Error Code: 00-417

Description: No sessions available. User may have been deleted
Internal: 352

SAP Error Code: 00-418

Description: TSKH
Internal: 353

SAP Error Code: 00-419

Description: Work process locked ( )
Internal: 354

SAP Error Code: 00-420

Description: Work process released ( )
Internal: 355

SAP Error Code: 00-421

Description: Roll-free error
Internal: 356

SAP Error Code: 00-422

Description: Pag-free error
Internal: 357

SAP Error Code: 00-423

Description: Shared memory error
Internal: 358

SAP Error Code: 00-424

Description: Semaphore lock error
Internal: 359

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