Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-425

Description: Semaphore release error
Internal: 360

SAP Error Code: 00-426

Description: Roll-in error
Internal: 361

SAP Error Code: 00-427

Description: Session ended
Internal: 362

SAP Error Code: 00-428

Description: Reserved for task handler
Internal: 363

SAP Error Code: 00-429

Description: Log off via the System menu or /nend in OK line
Internal: 364

SAP Error Code: 00-430

Description: Timeout for setting up an asynchronous dialog
Internal: 365

SAP Error Code: 00-431

Description: Invalid output to terminal from background processing
Internal: 366

SAP Error Code: 00-432

Description: No authorization for user administration
Internal: 367

SAP Error Code: 00-433

Description: No authorization for process/program administration
Internal: 368

SAP Error Code: 00-434

Description: No authorization for update administration
Internal: 369

SAP Error Code: 00-436

Description: The host name cannot contain blanks
Internal: 370

SAP Error Code: 00-437

Description: The host name is too long (max. length: bytes)
Internal: 371

SAP Error Code: 00-438

Description: There is already an entry with host name
Internal: 372

SAP Error Code: 00-439

Description: Save your data or cancel
Internal: 373

SAP Error Code: 00-440

Description: Unpermitted data volume received
Internal: 374

SAP Error Code: 00-441

Description: CPIC function not allowed
Internal: 375

SAP Error Code: 00-442

Description: Timeout during connection setup
Internal: 376

SAP Error Code: 00-443

Description: R/3 connection error
Internal: 377

SAP Error Code: 00-444

Description: Connection terminated
Internal: 378

SAP Error Code: 00-445

Description: No memory available
Internal: 379

SAP Error Code: 00-446

Description: Update debugging only possible in same client
Internal: 380

SAP Error Code: 00-447

Description: No authorization for administering the number range buffer
Internal: 381

SAP Error Code: 00-448

Description: No error found in number range buffer check
Internal: 382

SAP Error Code: 00-449

Description: Number range buffer error corrected
Internal: 383

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