Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-498

Description: Unable to determine host from address: NiAddrTo Host failed
Internal: 432

SAP Error Code: 00-499

Description: THOST table read failed
Internal: 433

SAP Error Code: 00-500

Description: Entry in work area with language key not supported
Internal: 434

SAP Error Code: 00-501

Description: Job is not currently scheduled
Internal: 435

SAP Error Code: 00-502

Description: No log entries exist for job
Internal: 436

SAP Error Code: 00-503

Description: Log for job cannot be
Internal: 437

SAP Error Code: 00-504

Description: Recording for job deleted
Internal: 438

SAP Error Code: 00-505

Description: Choose a processing option
Internal: 439

SAP Error Code: 00-506

Description: Choose one processing option only
Internal: 440

SAP Error Code: 00-507

Description: Please choose a job first
Internal: 441

SAP Error Code: 00-508

Description: No job matches the selection criteria
Internal: 442

SAP Error Code: 00-509

Description: No log exists for job (variable should be entered here - variable1). Check the system log
Internal: 443

SAP Error Code: 00-510

Description: Job log list cannot be read
Internal: 444

SAP Error Code: 00-511

Description: Jog log list is empty
Internal: 445

SAP Error Code: 00-512

Description: Log entries were deleted for background job
Internal: 446

SAP Error Code: 00-513

Description: Failed to fetch parameter
Internal: 447

SAP Error Code: 00-514

Description: No background jobs are scheduled
Internal: 448

SAP Error Code: 00-515

Description: Job sends screen
Internal: 449

SAP Error Code: 00-516

Description: Job started
Internal: 450

SAP Error Code: 00-517

Description: Job finished
Internal: 451

SAP Error Code: 00-518

Description: Job cancelled
Internal: 452

SAP Error Code: 00-519

Description: Place the cursor on a valid line
Internal: 453

SAP Error Code: 00-520

Description: No entries available
Internal: 454

SAP Error Code: 00-521

Description: No log entries exist for job
Internal: 455

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