Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-522

Description: There are currently no schedules due for release
Internal: 456

SAP Error Code: 00-523

Description: Schedule for job has already been released
Internal: 457

SAP Error Code: 00-524

Description: Schedule for job released
Internal: 458

SAP Error Code: 00-525

Description: Start date is in the past
Internal: 459

SAP Error Code: 00-526

Description: Job is already finished
Internal: 460

SAP Error Code: 00-527

Description: Job is already active
Internal: 461

SAP Error Code: 00-528

Description: You are not authorized to display the selected jobs
Internal: 462

SAP Error Code: 00-529

Description: The description of step cannot be read
Internal: 463

SAP Error Code: 00-530

Description: Previous job does not exist
Internal: 464

SAP Error Code: 00-531

Description: Specify a complete start time
Internal: 465

SAP Error Code: 00-532

Description: Specify only one start time
Internal: 466

SAP Error Code: 00-533

Description: You have no authorization for the steps of job
Internal: 467

SAP Error Code: 00-534

Description: Job is currently active, so the selected function cannot be performed
Internal: 468

SAP Error Code: 00-537

Description: Job log is
Internal: 469

SAP Error Code: 00-538

Description: Specify a previous job
Internal: 470

SAP Error Code: 00-539

Description: Please specify a start time
Internal: 471

SAP Error Code: 00-540

Description: Please choose only one start time
Internal: 472

SAP Error Code: 00-541

Description: Program does not exist
Internal: 473

SAP Error Code: 00-542

Description: Specify a program
Internal: 474

SAP Error Code: 00-543

Description: Test: TBTCR updated
Internal: 475

SAP Error Code: 00-544

Description: Test: SY-BATCH indicates background processing
Internal: 476

SAP Error Code: 00-545

Description: Test: SY-BATCH indicates no background processing
Internal: 477

SAP Error Code: 00-546

Description: Job is currently being edited. Repeat
Internal: 478

SAP Error Code: 00-547

Description: Job has now been deleted
Internal: 479

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