Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-574

Description: Job cancelled due to system shutdown
Internal: 504

SAP Error Code: 00-576

Description: Of the jobs selected, were not deleted
Internal: 505

SAP Error Code: 00-577

Description: Selected list no longer exists in the spool
Internal: 506

SAP Error Code: 00-578

Description: Internal report for job has already been deleted
Internal: 507

SAP Error Code: 00-579

Description: No list exists for the selected step
Internal: 508

SAP Error Code: 00-580

Description: Total
Internal: 509

SAP Error Code: 00-583

Description: No were selected
Internal: 510

SAP Error Code: 00-584

Description: Block marking has begun
Internal: 511

SAP Error Code: 00-585

Description: Flags deleted during Goto
Internal: 512

SAP Error Code: 00-586

Description: The scheduling of job was saved
Internal: 513

SAP Error Code: 00-587

Description: Batch request for job failed. Please see the system log
Internal: 514

SAP Error Code: 00-588

Description: Deatils about latest start date are not complete
Internal: 515

SAP Error Code: 00-589

Description: Latest start date is before the start date
Internal: 516

SAP Error Code: 00-590

Description: Latest start date and start date are more than 1 year apart
Internal: 517

SAP Error Code: 00-591

Description: Invalid variant
Internal: 518

SAP Error Code: 00-592

Description: No authorization for displaying authorizations of user
Internal: 519

SAP Error Code: 00-593

Description: At the start of a job step: Unable to set the code page (language)
Internal: 520

SAP Error Code: 00-594

Description: Job (ID number ) terminated
Internal: 521

SAP Error Code: 00-600

Description: Failed to insert update header
Internal: 522

SAP Error Code: 00-601

Description: Failed to read update header
Internal: 523

SAP Error Code: 00-602

Description: Dump in update
Internal: 524

SAP Error Code: 00-603

Description: Commit during update start failed
Internal: 525

SAP Error Code: 00-604

Description: Failed to read update module header
Internal: 526

SAP Error Code: 00-605

Description: Failed to change update module header
Internal: 527

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