Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-630

Description: Invalid session number received
Internal: 552

SAP Error Code: 00-631

Description: Maximum number of SAP gateways reached
Internal: 553

SAP Error Code: 00-632

Description: The remote LU was not specified
Internal: 554

SAP Error Code: 00-633

Description: Maximum number of CPIC clients reached
Internal: 555

SAP Error Code: 00-634

Description: Invalid TP name
Internal: 556

SAP Error Code: 00-635

Description: Partner program fork unsuccessful
Internal: 557

SAP Error Code: 00-636

Description: Invalid NI handle
Internal: 558

SAP Error Code: 00-637

Description: rexec unsuccessful
Internal: 559

SAP Error Code: 00-638

Description: Remote TP start failed
Internal: 560

SAP Error Code: 00-639

Description: Datagram send failed
Internal: 561

SAP Error Code: 00-640

Description: Internal SAP gateway error
Internal: 562

SAP Error Code: 00-641

Description: Fatal error, session terminated
Internal: 563

SAP Error Code: 00-642

Description: Error during initialization, session terminated
Internal: 564

SAP Error Code: 00-643

Description: Error receiving data, session terminated
Internal: 565

SAP Error Code: 00-644

Description: Error sending data, session terminated
Internal: 566

SAP Error Code: 00-645

Description: Internal TSKH error, session terminated
Internal: 567

SAP Error Code: 00-646

Description: No free block found, session terminated
Internal: 568

SAP Error Code: 00-647

Description: Roll-in failed, session terminated
Internal: 569

SAP Error Code: 00-648

Description: Roll-out failed, session terminated
Internal: 570

SAP Error Code: 00-649

Description: SAP commit failed, session terminated
Internal: 571

SAP Error Code: 00-650

Description: Semaphore operation failed, session terminated
Internal: 572

SAP Error Code: 00-651

Description: Signal received, mode cancelled
Internal: 573

SAP Error Code: 00-652

Description: Work process automatically re-started
Internal: 574

SAP Error Code: 00-653

Description: No connection to database, session terminated
Internal: 575

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