Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-654

Description: Roll initialization failed
Internal: 576

SAP Error Code: 00-655

Description: Page initialization failed
Internal: 577

SAP Error Code: 00-656

Description: OS-specific initialization failed
Internal: 578

SAP Error Code: 00-657

Description: SAP initialization failed
Internal: 579

SAP Error Code: 00-658

Description: SAP rollback failed
Internal: 580

SAP Error Code: 00-659

Description: Recursive SAP exit call
Internal: 581

SAP Error Code: 00-660

Description: Session was deleted by system administrator
Internal: 582

SAP Error Code: 00-661

Description: Terminal/message output overflow
Internal: 583

SAP Error Code: 00-662

Description: CPIC output overflow
Internal: 584

SAP Error Code: 00-663

Description: Work process re-started, session terminated
Internal: 585

SAP Error Code: 00-664

Description: Unknown host
Internal: 586

SAP Error Code: 00-665

Description: Unknown service
Internal: 587

SAP Error Code: 00-666

Description: Error occurred in the SAP network interface
Internal: 588

SAP Error Code: 00-667

Description: Exec failed
Internal: 589

SAP Error Code: 00-668

Description: R/2 was restarted. Please log on again
Internal: 590

SAP Error Code: 00-669

Description: Symbolic destination is too long
Internal: 591

SAP Error Code: 00-670

Description: No more side info entries available
Internal: 592

SAP Error Code: 00-671

Description: ABAP/4 processor:
Internal: 593

SAP Error Code: 00-672

Description: R/3 logon failed
Internal: 594

SAP Error Code: 00-673

Description: IMS error occurred
Internal: 595

SAP Error Code: 00-674

Description: Outstanding terminal data not processed
Internal: 596

SAP Error Code: 00-675

Description: Error occurred in the update control
Internal: 597

SAP Error Code: 00-676

Description: User not authorized to start the program on the host
Internal: 598

SAP Error Code: 00-677

Description: Timeout while waiting for a connection to be established
Internal: 599

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