Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-678

Description: Transaction program was registered
Internal: 600

SAP Error Code: 00-679

Description: Transaction program not registered
Internal: 601

SAP Error Code: 00-680

Description: Session transferred to another terminal
Internal: 602

SAP Error Code: 00-681

Description: Session terminated
Internal: 603

SAP Error Code: 00-682

Description: Server shutting down
Internal: 604

SAP Error Code: 00-683

Description: LEAVE TO TRANSACTION is not permitted within an AUTO-ABAP
Internal: 605

SAP Error Code: 00-684

Description: Auto-ABAP had to be cancelled because of process termination
Internal: 606

SAP Error Code: 00-685

Description: Transaction from "PRIV" session reset after timeout
Internal: 607

SAP Error Code: 00-686

Description: Function not possible in a captured session
Internal: 608

SAP Error Code: 00-687

Description: Modus removed after work process reconnect
Internal: 609

SAP Error Code: 00-688

Description: Reserved for task handler
Internal: 610

SAP Error Code: 00-689

Description: Reserved for task handler
Internal: 611

SAP Error Code: 00-690

Description: Server is not active - action cannot be executed
Internal: 612

SAP Error Code: 00-691

Description: System message added
Internal: 613

SAP Error Code: 00-692

Description: System message changed
Internal: 614

SAP Error Code: 00-693

Description: System message deleted
Internal: 615

SAP Error Code: 00-694

Description: All system messages deleted
Internal: 616

SAP Error Code: 00-695

Description: Position the cursor correctly
Internal: 617

SAP Error Code: 00-696

Description: Specify a system message
Internal: 618

SAP Error Code: 00-698

Description: System message was not changed
Internal: 619

SAP Error Code: 00-699

Description: No authorization to create, change or delete system messages
Internal: 620

SAP Error Code: 00-700

Description: rvin: Company code not in table 001
Internal: 621

SAP Error Code: 00-701

Description: rvin: Argument not in table 182f
Internal: 622

SAP Error Code: 00-703

Description: rvin: Argument not in table 001g
Internal: 623

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