Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-704

Description: Delete time is before expiration time
Internal: 624

SAP Error Code: 00-705

Description: rvin: Argument not in table 182h - individual header
Internal: 625

SAP Error Code: 00-706

Description: rvin: Argument not in table 030
Internal: 626

SAP Error Code: 00-707

Description: rvin: Error during Init rvfp
Internal: 627

SAP Error Code: 00-708

Description: rvin: Duprec -buins -
Internal: 628

SAP Error Code: 00-709

Description: rvin: insert -buins - error
Internal: 629

SAP Error Code: 00-710

Description: rvin: Argument not in table 182h - header totals
Internal: 630

SAP Error Code: 00-711

Description: rvin: Error during read - fatab -
Internal: 631

SAP Error Code: 00-712

Description: rvin: Error during write - fatab -
Internal: 632

SAP Error Code: 00-713

Description: rvin: Argument not in table 182h
Internal: 633

SAP Error Code: 00-714

Description: rvin: Argument not in table 001w
Internal: 634

SAP Error Code: 00-715

Description: rvin: Argument not in table 182h - sales deduction
Internal: 635

SAP Error Code: 00-716

Description: rvin: Number of items greater than 250
Internal: 636

SAP Error Code: 00-717

Description: rvin: Account does not exist
Internal: 637

SAP Error Code: 00-718

Description: rvin: Company code not opened
Internal: 638

SAP Error Code: 00-719

Description: No RFC authorization for user (variable should be entered here - variable1).
Internal: 639

SAP Error Code: 00-720

Description: Registration of transaction program not allowed
Internal: 640

SAP Error Code: 00-721

Description: SNC deactivated, request refused
Internal: 641

SAP Error Code: 00-722

Description: SNC required for all connections
Internal: 642

SAP Error Code: 00-723

Description: SNC name not set
Internal: 643

SAP Error Code: 00-724

Description: SNC server name not set
Internal: 644

SAP Error Code: 00-725

Description: SNC not supported for protocol
Internal: 645

SAP Error Code: 00-726

Description: Gateway ist not connected to the local R/3 System
Internal: 646

SAP Error Code: 00-727

Description: SNC required for these connections
Internal: 647

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