Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-820

Description: You must define icons in strict ascending order:
Internal: 696

SAP Error Code: 00-821

Description: Icon name contains invalid characters
Internal: 697

SAP Error Code: 00-822

Description: The icon name must not contain a space:
Internal: 698

SAP Error Code: 00-823

Description: Incorrect internal representation of icon
Internal: 699

SAP Error Code: 00-824

Description: The internal name of icon contains invalid characters
Internal: 700

SAP Error Code: 00-826

Description: Icon name has already been used
Internal: 701

SAP Error Code: 00-827

Description: Deleting icons is problematic. See the long text
Internal: 702

SAP Error Code: 00-830

Description: Batch input: no authorization to display log
Internal: 703

SAP Error Code: 00-831

Description: Batch input: no authorization to delete log
Internal: 704

SAP Error Code: 00-832

Description: Batch input: Session logs are stored in TemSe files
Internal: 705

SAP Error Code: 00-833

Description: Batch input: No authorization to archive log
Internal: 706

SAP Error Code: 00-834

Description: Batch input: Can only archive TemSe file logs
Internal: 707

SAP Error Code: 00-835

Description: Batch input: No log available to archive
Internal: 708

SAP Error Code: 00-836

Description: Batch input: Cannot open archive file
Internal: 709

SAP Error Code: 00-850

Description: Total size of extended memory
Internal: 710

SAP Error Code: 00-851

Description: Extended memory: high-water mark since startup
Internal: 711

SAP Error Code: 00-852

Description: Extended memory: high-water mark since last query
Internal: 712

SAP Error Code: 00-853

Description: Extended memory: snapshot of fill status
Internal: 713

SAP Error Code: 00-854

Description: Amount of extended memory in user contexts that is active in WPs now
Internal: 714

SAP Error Code: 00-855

Description: Maximum allowed amount of heap memory (abap/heap_area_total)
Internal: 715

SAP Error Code: 00-856

Description: Heap memory: High-water mark since startup
Internal: 716

SAP Error Code: 00-857

Description: Heap memory: High-water mark since last query
Internal: 717

SAP Error Code: 00-858

Description: Currently amount allocated to heap memory
Internal: 718

SAP Error Code: 00-859

Description: Maximum number of extended memory management slots
Internal: 719

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