Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-902

Description: DB.dollar-sign: No entry for preset key
Internal: 744

SAP Error Code: 00-903

Description: DB.dollar-sign: No field with names/number dollar-sign in dollar-sign table
Internal: 745

SAP Error Code: 00-904

Description: DB.dollar-sign: Table dollar-sign not listed in Nametab
Internal: 746

SAP Error Code: 00-905

Description: DB.dollar-sign: Key already used
Internal: 747

SAP Error Code: 00-906

Description: DB.dollar-sign: Overlap area to small
Internal: 748

SAP Error Code: 00-907

Description: DB.dollar-sign: EOS during line/block output
Internal: 749

SAP Error Code: 00-908

Description: DB.dollar-sign: Lines/block mode already active
Internal: 750

SAP Error Code: 00-909

Description: DB.dollar-sign: Invalid or missing arguments in the function reference
Internal: 751

SAP Error Code: 00-910

Description: DB.dollar-sign: Internal required storage not available
Internal: 752

SAP Error Code: 00-911

Description: DB.dollar-sign: Set/Get: No further entry available
Internal: 753

SAP Error Code: 00-912

Description: DB.dollar-sign: Set/Get: Maximal amount of cursors reached
Internal: 754

SAP Error Code: 00-913

Description: DB.dollar-sign: Set/Get: Reference on invalid cursor
Internal: 755

SAP Error Code: 00-914

Description: Decompression: Invalid data format passed
Internal: 756

SAP Error Code: 00-950

Description: Message numbers 950 to 980 reserved for temporary phase for DBERROR
Internal: 757

SAP Error Code: 00-951

Description: DB error: SQL error occurred
Internal: 758

SAP Error Code: 00-952

Description: DB error: No entry found for specified key
Internal: 759

SAP Error Code: 00-953

Description: DB error: Specified key already used
Internal: 760

SAP Error Code: 00-954

Description: DB error: Internally required storage space not available
Internal: 761

SAP Error Code: 00-955

Description: DB error: Incorrect use of the DB interface
Internal: 762

SAP Error Code: 00-956

Description: DB error: Internal error in DB interface
Internal: 763

SAP Error Code: 00-957

Description: DB error: Working storage area too small
Internal: 764

SAP Error Code: 00-958

Description: DB error: Table in DB interface is unknown
Internal: 765

SAP Error Code: 00-959

Description: DB error: In Table (variable should be entered here - variable1), field is unknown
Internal: 766

SAP Error Code: 00-960

Description: DB error: Cursor is no longer available
Internal: 767

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