Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 00-DVB

Description: O2Measures: rebate processing
Internal: 792

SAP Error Code: 00-DVD

Description: AX_
Internal: 793

SAP Error Code: 00-DVE

Description: IFUnits (billing document)
Internal: 794

SAP Error Code: 00-DVF

Description: BL_
Internal: 795

SAP Error Code: 00-DVG

Description: VL_
Internal: 796

SAP Error Code: 00-DVM

Description: VL_
Internal: 797

SAP Error Code: 00-DVS

Description: TL_
Internal: 798

SAP Error Code: 00-DVV

Description: SAShipping (order)
Internal: 799

SAP Error Code: 00-DVW

Description: PFValues, dur., prices (billing)
Internal: 800

SAP Error Code: 01-001

Description: No matching user found
Internal: 801

SAP Error Code: 01-002

Description: User must be saved before assigning task profiles
Internal: 802

SAP Error Code: 01-003

Description: Object group saved
Internal: 803

SAP Error Code: 01-004

Description: Position cursor on an object group
Internal: 804

SAP Error Code: 01-005

Description: Enter a name for the object group
Internal: 805

SAP Error Code: 01-006

Description: Object group already exists
Internal: 806

SAP Error Code: 01-007

Description: Error maintaining a variant variable
Internal: 807

SAP Error Code: 01-008

Description: Specify at least one selection criterion
Internal: 808

SAP Error Code: 01-009

Description: User address copied from SAPoffice data
Internal: 809

SAP Error Code: 01-010

Description: Transaction does not exist
Internal: 810

SAP Error Code: 01-011

Description: No number ranges exist for company code dollar-sign
Internal: 811

SAP Error Code: 01-012

Description: Program error (contact SAP)
Internal: 812

SAP Error Code: 01-014

Description: You are not authorized to give all users external security names
Internal: 813

SAP Error Code: 01-015

Description: You are not authroized to assign start checks to all transactions
Internal: 814

SAP Error Code: 01-016

Description: Address is locked
Internal: 815

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