Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 001-001

Description: The Shockwave control has not been correctly installed or registered.
Internal: 96

SAP Error Code: 001-002

Description: An error occurred when starting the Shockwave control.
Internal: 97

SAP Error Code: 00-101

Description: Batch input: Processing mode 'Display errors only' activated
Internal: 98

SAP Error Code: 00-102

Description: Batch input: Processing mode 'Process visibly' activated
Internal: 99

SAP Error Code: 00-103

Description: Int. table without header line not supported with LOOP AT itab
Internal: 100

SAP Error Code: 00-104

Description: Transaction was exited with function key F3, F12 or F15
Internal: 101

SAP Error Code: 00-105

Description: Transaction restarted by user
Internal: 102

SAP Error Code: 00-106

Description: Error reading log file
Internal: 103

SAP Error Code: 00-109

Description: No CHECK type checkbox found
Internal: 104

SAP Error Code: 00-110

Description: Use the most recent SAPGUI version.
Internal: 105

SAP Error Code: 00-111

Description: List extract can not be fully displayed
Internal: 106

SAP Error Code: 00-112

Description: Control does not exist
Internal: 107

SAP Error Code: 00-113

Description: Tab title pushbutton not assigned to an area
Internal: 108

SAP Error Code: 00-114

Description: Tab control not supported by SAPgui
Internal: 109

SAP Error Code: 00-115

Description: Tab has no active buttons
Internal: 110

SAP Error Code: 00-116

Description: Controls active, cannot resume
Internal: 111

SAP Error Code: 00-117

Description: Function code of pushbutton is invalid
Internal: 112

SAP Error Code: 00-118

Description: Screen output area too small
Internal: 113

SAP Error Code: 00-119

Description: Protected tab titles are not supported (tab title (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 114

SAP Error Code: 00-120

Description: Table Control (variable should be entered here - variable1): More than the specified columns were referenced
Internal: 115

SAP Error Code: 00-121

Description: SAP GUI does not support strings (variable length types)
Internal: 116

SAP Error Code: 00-125

Description: No field defined for the function code
Internal: 117

SAP Error Code: 00-126

Description: Negative values not allowed
Internal: 118

SAP Error Code: 00-127

Description: This function is not possible
Internal: 119

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