Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-017

Description: No default co. address has been maint. in the system. Create an address
Internal: 816

SAP Error Code: 01-018

Description: Company address could not be created
Internal: 817

SAP Error Code: 01-019

Description: Company address locked. No modifications currently possible
Internal: 818

SAP Error Code: 01-020

Description: Error occurred in address management. sy-subrc =
Internal: 819

SAP Error Code: 01-021

Description: W a r n i n g exclamation-pointexclamation-pointexclamation-point Dangerous to SKIP log record exclamation-point
Internal: 820

SAP Error Code: 01-022

Description: Inconsistency with address
Internal: 821

SAP Error Code: 01-023

Description: Please expand on lower-level; Not possible on level 1
Internal: 822

SAP Error Code: 01-024

Description: Maintain address data
Internal: 823

SAP Error Code: 01-025

Description: Company address cannot be selected
Internal: 824

SAP Error Code: 01-026

Description: Internal error: FM (variable should be entered here - variable1), exception:
Internal: 825

SAP Error Code: 01-027

Description: Does not contain
Internal: 826

SAP Error Code: 01-028

Description: Invalid time zone
Internal: 827

SAP Error Code: 01-029

Description: Output device does not exist
Internal: 828

SAP Error Code: 01-030

Description: Transaction does not exist (choose an available transaction)
Internal: 829

SAP Error Code: 01-031

Description: Auth. objects were already assigned to trans. (copying not possible)
Internal: 830

SAP Error Code: 01-032

Description: No auth. objects assigned to trans. (copying not possible)
Internal: 831

SAP Error Code: 01-033

Description: Print parameters for 'Delete after print' not equal to D(elete)/K(eep)
Internal: 832

SAP Error Code: 01-034

Description: Object group not available (copying not possible)
Internal: 833

SAP Error Code: 01-035

Description: Print parameter for 'Print immed.' not equal to G(o) or H(old).
Internal: 834

SAP Error Code: 01-036

Description: Invlaid date format (variable should be entered here - variable1). (Not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.)
Internal: 835

SAP Error Code: 01-037

Description: Parameter ID does not exist
Internal: 836

SAP Error Code: 01-038

Description: Selected profile/object not contained
Internal: 837

SAP Error Code: 01-039

Description: User has changed
Internal: 838

SAP Error Code: 01-040

Description: No authorization to create user groups
Internal: 839

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