Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-041

Description: No authorization to create user group
Internal: 840

SAP Error Code: 01-042

Description: No authorization to delete user group
Internal: 841

SAP Error Code: 01-043

Description: No authorization to adjust user groups
Internal: 842

SAP Error Code: 01-044

Description: All user buffers successfully reset
Internal: 843

SAP Error Code: 01-045

Description: User buffers already reset
Internal: 844

SAP Error Code: 01-046

Description: Profile assignment for user has changed
Internal: 845

SAP Error Code: 01-047

Description: Profile assignment to user was not completely executed
Internal: 846

SAP Error Code: 01-048

Description: Role assignment to user changed
Internal: 847

SAP Error Code: 01-049

Description: Role assignment to user not executed completely
Internal: 848

SAP Error Code: 01-050

Description: Use the profile generator to delete the generated profile
Internal: 849

SAP Error Code: 01-051

Description: Use the profile generator to delete the generated auth.
Internal: 850

SAP Error Code: 01-052

Description: Address not maintained
Internal: 851

SAP Error Code: 01-053

Description: Only numeric entries are permitted in field
Internal: 852

SAP Error Code: 01-054

Description: System is not a child system in a central user maintenance network
Internal: 853

SAP Error Code: 01-055

Description: User buffer reset successfully
Internal: 854

SAP Error Code: 01-056

Description: Error occurred whilst resetting user buffer
Internal: 855

SAP Error Code: 01-057

Description: You are not authorized to reset the user buffer in all clients
Internal: 856

SAP Error Code: 01-058

Description: Problem occurred when creating subordinate profiles or auths
Internal: 857

SAP Error Code: 01-059

Description: Company address not found in the system
Internal: 858

SAP Error Code: 01-060

Description: Action canceled by user
Internal: 859

SAP Error Code: 01-061

Description: No authorization to generate profile SAP_ALL
Internal: 860

SAP Error Code: 01-062

Description: Profile SAP_ALL generated
Internal: 861

SAP Error Code: 01-063

Description: Start report RSUSX001, company object to company addresses
Internal: 862

SAP Error Code: 01-064

Description: Date: (variable should be entered here - variable1), time (variable should be entered here - variable1).
Internal: 863

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