Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-065

Description: Report RSUSX001 complete. Date: Time:
Internal: 864

SAP Error Code: 01-066

Description: Unable to generate a company object for address in client
Internal: 865

SAP Error Code: 01-067

Description: Unable to assign company address . used instead.
Internal: 866

SAP Error Code: 01-068

Description: You have not selected a system
Internal: 867

SAP Error Code: 01-069

Description: Unable to read the address
Internal: 868

SAP Error Code: 01-070

Description: Profile for role not yet generated
Internal: 869

SAP Error Code: 01-071

Description: No system found in the current CUA for this selection
Internal: 870

SAP Error Code: 01-072

Description: Profile does not exist. Enter a valid value
Internal: 871

SAP Error Code: 01-074

Description: This action is only possible for
Internal: 872

SAP Error Code: 01-075

Description: The standard company address cannot be deleted
Internal: 873

SAP Error Code: 01-076

Description: Unable to determine the company
Internal: 874

SAP Error Code: 01-077

Description: Failed to create the address. (the number could not be pulled)
Internal: 875

SAP Error Code: 01-078

Description: Company address created
Internal: 876

SAP Error Code: 01-079

Description: Company address changed
Internal: 877

SAP Error Code: 01-080

Description: Company address deleted
Internal: 878

SAP Error Code: 01-081

Description: Company address does not exist. Unable to delete it
Internal: 879

SAP Error Code: 01-082

Description: Company address could not be locked
Internal: 880

SAP Error Code: 01-083

Description: Company does not exist
Internal: 881

SAP Error Code: 01-084

Description: Company already exists
Internal: 882

SAP Error Code: 01-085

Description: Company address was renamed
Internal: 883

SAP Error Code: 01-086

Description: Decimal format invalid. (Not ' ', X or Y)
Internal: 884

SAP Error Code: 01-087

Description: Creation started of user in central system
Internal: 885

SAP Error Code: 01-088

Description: User exists
Internal: 886

SAP Error Code: 01-089

Description: Profile assignment for user was deleted
Internal: 887

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