Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-090

Description: Role assignment to user deleted
Internal: 888

SAP Error Code: 01-091

Description: User was renamed. Old password is invalid
Internal: 889

SAP Error Code: 01-092

Description: You must specify the surname when you create a user
Internal: 890

SAP Error Code: 01-093

Description: An entry already exists for parameter
Internal: 891

SAP Error Code: 01-094

Description: Generated password for user :
Internal: 892

SAP Error Code: 01-095

Description: Choose one or more of the time-independent relationships
Internal: 893

SAP Error Code: 01-096

Description: Maintain composite activity groups in the dependent systems
Internal: 894

SAP Error Code: 01-097

Description: Could not create control container ((variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 895

SAP Error Code: 01-098

Description: Could not create object (SY-SUBRC = (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 896

SAP Error Code: 01-099

Description: Event registration failed (SY-SUBRC = (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 897

SAP Error Code: 01-100

Description: Enter name and short text
Internal: 898

SAP Error Code: 01-101

Description: Profile already exists. Please use another name
Internal: 899

SAP Error Code: 01-102

Description: User created
Internal: 900

SAP Error Code: 01-103

Description: No auth. to create a profile with the functions specified
Internal: 901

SAP Error Code: 01-104

Description: Choose a document type
Internal: 902

SAP Error Code: 01-105

Description: Invalid time interval: Start date after end date
Internal: 903

SAP Error Code: 01-106

Description: Profile and authorizations saved
Internal: 904

SAP Error Code: 01-107

Description: Object auth. exist already
Internal: 905

SAP Error Code: 01-108

Description: Profile and authorizations saved and activated
Internal: 906

SAP Error Code: 01-109

Description: Profile saved but not activated due to missing auth.
Internal: 907

SAP Error Code: 01-110

Description: Choose a function area
Internal: 908

SAP Error Code: 01-111

Description: Object is not available. Choose an existing object
Internal: 909

SAP Error Code: 01-112

Description: Function is not available. Please choose an existing function
Internal: 910

SAP Error Code: 01-113

Description: You are not authorized to create application areas
Internal: 911

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