Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-114

Description: You are not authorized to add objects
Internal: 912

SAP Error Code: 01-115

Description: You are not authorized to delete functions
Internal: 913

SAP Error Code: 01-116

Description: You are not authorized to delete application areas
Internal: 914

SAP Error Code: 01-117

Description: You are not authorized to delete objects from function areas
Internal: 915

SAP Error Code: 01-118

Description: Function cannot be deleted because it is used in other functions
Internal: 916

SAP Error Code: 01-119

Description: Function already exists and cannot be created
Internal: 917

SAP Error Code: 01-120

Description: Select business processes
Internal: 918

SAP Error Code: 01-121

Description: Select the functions to transport
Internal: 919

SAP Error Code: 01-122

Description: Function(s) added to request
Internal: 920

SAP Error Code: 01-123

Description: Data for transaction saved
Internal: 921

SAP Error Code: 01-124

Description: User does not exist
Internal: 922

SAP Error Code: 01-125

Description: Position the cursor on a profile or an authorization
Internal: 923

SAP Error Code: 01-126

Description: Choose a profile type
Internal: 924

SAP Error Code: 01-127

Description: Profile does not exist
Internal: 925

SAP Error Code: 01-128

Description: Object does not exist
Internal: 926

SAP Error Code: 01-129

Description: Authorization does not exist
Internal: 927

SAP Error Code: 01-131

Description: Please choose one of the languages installed
Internal: 928

SAP Error Code: 01-132

Description: The logon language does not match system code page
Internal: 929

SAP Error Code: 01-133

Description: No authorization to create activities in table TACT
Internal: 930

SAP Error Code: 01-134

Description: Create table ZAUTHCUST ---> See long text
Internal: 931

SAP Error Code: 01-135

Description: Maintain Basis or application fields
Internal: 932

SAP Error Code: 01-136

Description: Maintain customer fields
Internal: 933

SAP Error Code: 01-137

Description: No auth. to delete activities from TACT
Internal: 934

SAP Error Code: 01-138

Description: Choose a version
Internal: 935

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