Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-163

Description: System type deleted
Internal: 960

SAP Error Code: 01-164

Description: System type from system migrated to
Internal: 961

SAP Error Code: 01-165

Description: Deletion not possible here
Internal: 962

SAP Error Code: 01-166

Description: Distribution triggered
Internal: 963

SAP Error Code: 01-167

Description: User group in HR-Org not recognized
Internal: 964

SAP Error Code: 01-168

Description: User group still used in user master records
Internal: 965

SAP Error Code: 01-169

Description: System type still used (cannot not deleted)
Internal: 966

SAP Error Code: 01-170

Description: Object type does not exist
Internal: 967

SAP Error Code: 01-171

Description: Welcome
Internal: 968

SAP Error Code: 01-172

Description: Logged on
Internal: 969

SAP Error Code: 01-173

Description: Logon data error
Internal: 970

SAP Error Code: 01-174

Description: Fill all fields flagged with (asterix)
Internal: 971

SAP Error Code: 01-175

Description: Password not reset, so e-mail address cannot currently be found
Internal: 972

SAP Error Code: 01-176

Description: Your new password could not be sent to you
Internal: 973

SAP Error Code: 01-177

Description: Your new password is sent to your e-mail address
Internal: 974

SAP Error Code: 01-178

Description: The password is only sent to the E-Mail address saved previously
Internal: 975

SAP Error Code: 01-179

Description: Assignment of application object changed from user
Internal: 976

SAP Error Code: 01-180

Description: Do not enter the composite profile (cycles)
Internal: 977

SAP Error Code: 01-181

Description: Please restrict the profile work area
Internal: 978

SAP Error Code: 01-182

Description: Profile SAP_ALL is not available in this system and client
Internal: 979

SAP Error Code: 01-183

Description: No user found for alias
Internal: 980

SAP Error Code: 01-184

Description: Alias does not match user
Internal: 981

SAP Error Code: 01-185

Description: The alias is:
Internal: 982

SAP Error Code: 01-186

Description: Central system not reached
Internal: 983

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