Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-187

Description: Added object class(es) to request
Internal: 984

SAP Error Code: 01-188

Description: Added object(s) to request
Internal: 985

SAP Error Code: 01-189

Description: The alias already exists
Internal: 986

SAP Error Code: 01-190

Description: Specify a request number assigned to you
Internal: 987

SAP Error Code: 01-191

Description: Request is already being processed
Internal: 988

SAP Error Code: 01-192

Description: System error adding to request
Internal: 989

SAP Error Code: 01-193

Description: Select the profiles to be transported
Internal: 990

SAP Error Code: 01-194

Description: Select the authorizations to be transported
Internal: 991

SAP Error Code: 01-195

Description: Flag the object classes to be transported
Internal: 992

SAP Error Code: 01-196

Description: Flag the objects to be transported
Internal: 993

SAP Error Code: 01-197

Description: Profile(s) with all independent objects added to request
Internal: 994

SAP Error Code: 01-198

Description: Profile(s) added to request
Internal: 995

SAP Error Code: 01-199

Description: Authorization(s) added to request
Internal: 996

SAP Error Code: 01-200

Description: Profile already exists
Internal: 997

SAP Error Code: 01-201

Description: User was copied to
Internal: 998

SAP Error Code: 01-202

Description: Profile was copied to
Internal: 999

SAP Error Code: 01-203

Description: Authorization already exists
Internal: 1000

SAP Error Code: 01-204

Description: Authorization copied to
Internal: 1001

SAP Error Code: 01-205

Description: Please enter an object short text
Internal: 1002

SAP Error Code: 01-206

Description: Object does not exist
Internal: 1003

SAP Error Code: 01-207

Description: Field does not exist (contact person in charge)
Internal: 1004

SAP Error Code: 01-208

Description: Object exists in class (variable should be entered here - variable1). Specify another name
Internal: 1005

SAP Error Code: 01-209

Description: Position the cursor on a valid entry field
Internal: 1006

SAP Error Code: 01-210

Description: Profile saved
Internal: 1007

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