Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-211

Description: User does not exist
Internal: 1008

SAP Error Code: 01-212

Description: Class cannot be deleted because objects for it still exist
Internal: 1009

SAP Error Code: 01-213

Description: Profile already contained in composite profile
Internal: 1010

SAP Error Code: 01-214

Description: Profile does not exist
Internal: 1011

SAP Error Code: 01-215

Description: Authorization is not available
Internal: 1012

SAP Error Code: 01-216

Description: Object class was deleted
Internal: 1013

SAP Error Code: 01-217

Description: No maintenance version exists for this authorization
Internal: 1014

SAP Error Code: 01-218

Description: No maintenance version exists for this profile
Internal: 1015

SAP Error Code: 01-219

Description: Please choose just one option
Internal: 1016

SAP Error Code: 01-220

Description: Object cannot be deleted because it still contains authorizations
Internal: 1017

SAP Error Code: 01-221

Description: Field assignment for object cannot be changed as auth. for it exist
Internal: 1018

SAP Error Code: 01-222

Description: Profile was entered for user(s)
Internal: 1019

SAP Error Code: 01-223

Description: Do not enter a composite profile into another composite profile
Internal: 1020

SAP Error Code: 01-224

Description: User already exists
Internal: 1021

SAP Error Code: 01-225

Description: Profile does not exist or is not active
Internal: 1022

SAP Error Code: 01-226

Description: User was saved
Internal: 1023

SAP Error Code: 01-227

Description: Please choose an active profile
Internal: 1024

SAP Error Code: 01-228

Description: Enter object text
Internal: 1025

SAP Error Code: 01-229

Description: Authorization was saved
Internal: 1026

SAP Error Code: 01-230

Description: Authorization was deleted
Internal: 1027

SAP Error Code: 01-231

Description: No fields have been maintained for this object
Internal: 1028

SAP Error Code: 01-232

Description: User deleted
Internal: 1029

SAP Error Code: 01-233

Description: Authorization field does not exist (Maintain first)
Internal: 1030

SAP Error Code: 01-234

Description: Profile has been deleted
Internal: 1031

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