Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-259

Description: The initial interval value is larger than the end value
Internal: 1056

SAP Error Code: 01-260

Description: Profile full. Please enter fewer authorizations
Internal: 1057

SAP Error Code: 01-261

Description: Please specify a class name
Internal: 1058

SAP Error Code: 01-262

Description: Authorization is full. Please enter fewer values
Internal: 1059

SAP Error Code: 01-263

Description: Maximum number of profiles exceeded for user
Internal: 1060

SAP Error Code: 01-264

Description: Please specify the user name
Internal: 1061

SAP Error Code: 01-265

Description: Please specify the profile name
Internal: 1062

SAP Error Code: 01-266

Description: Please specify an object
Internal: 1063

SAP Error Code: 01-267

Description: Please specify an authorization name
Internal: 1064

SAP Error Code: 01-268

Description: Profile already contained in user master record
Internal: 1065

SAP Error Code: 01-269

Description: Composite profile is full. Please enter fewer profiles
Internal: 1066

SAP Error Code: 01-270

Description: Auth. cannot be deleted as it is used in profile(s)
Internal: 1067

SAP Error Code: 01-271

Description: Profile cannot be deleted as it is used in user(s)
Internal: 1068

SAP Error Code: 01-272

Description: Assign user to just one type
Internal: 1069

SAP Error Code: 01-273

Description: No user is available
Internal: 1070

SAP Error Code: 01-274

Description: User does not exist
Internal: 1071

SAP Error Code: 01-275

Description: The password was changed
Internal: 1072

SAP Error Code: 01-276

Description: Place the cursor on a level 2 or 3 function
Internal: 1073

SAP Error Code: 01-277

Description: Password for user reset
Internal: 1074

SAP Error Code: 01-278

Description: Please enter new password
Internal: 1075

SAP Error Code: 01-279

Description: Enter a user name
Internal: 1076

SAP Error Code: 01-280

Description: Values for user saved
Internal: 1077

SAP Error Code: 01-281

Description: Address for user saved
Internal: 1078

SAP Error Code: 01-282

Description: Values for user deleted
Internal: 1079

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