Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-283

Description: Address for user deleted
Internal: 1080

SAP Error Code: 01-284

Description: No values exist for user
Internal: 1081

SAP Error Code: 01-285

Description: No address exists for user
Internal: 1082

SAP Error Code: 01-286

Description: You can only mark one format
Internal: 1083

SAP Error Code: 01-287

Description: Profile used in composite profile
Internal: 1084

SAP Error Code: 01-288

Description: Parameters saved
Internal: 1085

SAP Error Code: 01-289

Description: There is no address data for user
Internal: 1086

SAP Error Code: 01-290

Description: Please enter an initial password
Internal: 1087

SAP Error Code: 01-291

Description: Mark the profiles to be activated
Internal: 1088

SAP Error Code: 01-292

Description: The authorizations are activated
Internal: 1089

SAP Error Code: 01-293

Description: The passwords specified must be identical
Internal: 1090

SAP Error Code: 01-294

Description: Please enter the same password twice
Internal: 1091

SAP Error Code: 01-295

Description: Profiles activated
Internal: 1092

SAP Error Code: 01-296

Description: No entry selected
Internal: 1093

SAP Error Code: 01-297

Description: Error occurred saving:
Internal: 1094

SAP Error Code: 01-298

Description: There are no parameters for user
Internal: 1095

SAP Error Code: 01-299

Description: Please specify reference and target
Internal: 1096

SAP Error Code: 01-300

Description: Object already entered
Internal: 1097

SAP Error Code: 01-301

Description: Function already entered
Internal: 1098

SAP Error Code: 01-302

Description: Some roles not assigned due to incorrect authorization
Internal: 1099

SAP Error Code: 01-303

Description: Some roles not assigned because they are locked
Internal: 1100

SAP Error Code: 01-304

Description: Some roles not assigned because they do not exist
Internal: 1101

SAP Error Code: 01-305

Description: Lock/unlock not possible
Internal: 1102

SAP Error Code: 01-306

Description: Field: ; before: ; after:
Internal: 1103

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