Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-307

Description: Address information for user changed
Internal: 1104

SAP Error Code: 01-308

Description: Logon data for user changed
Internal: 1105

SAP Error Code: 01-309

Description: Fixed values for user changed
Internal: 1106

SAP Error Code: 01-310

Description: Parameters for user changed
Internal: 1107

SAP Error Code: 01-311

Description: Profiles for user changed
Internal: 1108

SAP Error Code: 01-312

Description: Roles for user changed
Internal: 1109

SAP Error Code: 01-313

Description: Systems for user changed
Internal: 1110

SAP Error Code: 01-314

Description: Before:
Internal: 1111

SAP Error Code: 01-315

Description: After:
Internal: 1112

SAP Error Code: 01-316

Description: Number of users changed:
Internal: 1113

SAP Error Code: 01-317

Description: Mass user changes
Internal: 1114

SAP Error Code: 01-318

Description: Executed by: ()
Internal: 1115

SAP Error Code: 01-320

Description: System: Client:
Internal: 1116

SAP Error Code: 01-321

Description: Do not confuse "Add" and "Delete" for system-dependent data
Internal: 1117

SAP Error Code: 01-322

Description: Do not confuse "Add" and "Delete" for roles and profiles
Internal: 1118

SAP Error Code: 01-323

Description: Changes not allowed in this system (central user administration active)
Internal: 1119

SAP Error Code: 01-324

Description: User groups changed by user
Internal: 1120

SAP Error Code: 01-325

Description: Check whether you already have an account
Internal: 1121

SAP Error Code: 01-326

Description: You cannot logon at the moment. Try again later
Internal: 1122

SAP Error Code: 01-327

Description: Company address is still used
Internal: 1123

SAP Error Code: 01-328

Description: Data deleted
Internal: 1124

SAP Error Code: 01-329

Description: not changed
Internal: 1125

SAP Error Code: 01-330

Description: Deleted
Internal: 1126

SAP Error Code: 01-331

Description: Added
Internal: 1127

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