Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-332

Description: Role with target system should be assigned to system
Internal: 1128

SAP Error Code: 01-333

Description: User is still locked
Internal: 1129

SAP Error Code: 01-334

Description: User has not been locked
Internal: 1130

SAP Error Code: 01-335

Description: Some systems not assigned due to missing authorization
Internal: 1131

SAP Error Code: 01-336

Description: Some profiles missing due to missing authorization
Internal: 1132

SAP Error Code: 01-337

Description: Some groups not assigned due to missing authorization
Internal: 1133

SAP Error Code: 01-338

Description: User copied to user
Internal: 1134

SAP Error Code: 01-339

Description: Reference user does not exist
Internal: 1135

SAP Error Code: 01-340

Description: Role assignment for user not completely deleted
Internal: 1136

SAP Error Code: 01-341

Description: Profile assignment for user not completely deleted
Internal: 1137

SAP Error Code: 01-342

Description: License data for user was changed
Internal: 1138

SAP Error Code: 01-343

Description: Alias does not exist. Check entry
Internal: 1139

SAP Error Code: 01-344

Description: Generated authorizations can only be displayed
Internal: 1140

SAP Error Code: 01-345

Description: Function for generated authorizations not executable
Internal: 1141

SAP Error Code: 01-346

Description: Generated profiles can only be displayed
Internal: 1142

SAP Error Code: 01-347

Description: Function for generated profiles not executable
Internal: 1143

SAP Error Code: 01-348

Description: System is central system or no child system
Internal: 1144

SAP Error Code: 01-349

Description: It is not possible to delete user in child system
Internal: 1145

SAP Error Code: 01-350

Description: ALE distribution model is inconsistent
Internal: 1146

SAP Error Code: 01-351

Description: You have not logged onto the central system
Internal: 1147

SAP Error Code: 01-352

Description: You cannot use the ALE distribution model
Internal: 1148

SAP Error Code: 01-353

Description: Cannot activate Central User Administration in system ;
Internal: 1149

SAP Error Code: 01-354

Description: Cannot reach the system by RFC
Internal: 1150

SAP Error Code: 01-355

Description: Target system is new in the system landscape
Internal: 1151

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