Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-380

Description: User not in selection variant
Internal: 1176

SAP Error Code: 01-381

Description: System is not part of central user maintenance
Internal: 1177

SAP Error Code: 01-382

Description: Wait for Excel to exit
Internal: 1178

SAP Error Code: 01-383

Description: Central User Administration activated
Internal: 1179

SAP Error Code: 01-384

Description: No partner profile for target system exists in the central system
Internal: 1180

SAP Error Code: 01-385

Description: Check message type USERCLONE for child system
Internal: 1181

SAP Error Code: 01-386

Description: The message type USERCLONE was set to for system
Internal: 1182

SAP Error Code: 01-387

Description: Central system: Activation of the Central User Administration
Internal: 1183

SAP Error Code: 01-388

Description: ALE distribution model was saved
Internal: 1184

SAP Error Code: 01-389

Description: Password distribution is deactivated in Customizing (SCUM)
Internal: 1185

SAP Error Code: 01-390

Description: User does not exist
Internal: 1186

SAP Error Code: 01-391

Description: User is not a reference user (see long text)
Internal: 1187

SAP Error Code: 01-392

Description: Text comparison was started
Internal: 1188

SAP Error Code: 01-393

Description: Error when starting the text comparison
Internal: 1189

SAP Error Code: 01-394

Description: CUA definition is inconsistent; for repair, see long text
Internal: 1190

SAP Error Code: 01-395

Description: Cannot reach system by RFC;
Internal: 1191

SAP Error Code: 01-396

Description: Place the cursor in a valid line and column
Internal: 1192

SAP Error Code: 01-397

Description: Field does not exist
Internal: 1193

SAP Error Code: 01-398

Description: Date format invalid; profile parameter is used
Internal: 1194

SAP Error Code: 01-399

Description: Decimal format invalid; profile parameter is used
Internal: 1195

SAP Error Code: 01-400

Description: Use characters >= ' ' (blank)
Internal: 1196

SAP Error Code: 01-401

Description: New password cannot begin with '?'
Internal: 1197

SAP Error Code: 01-402

Description: Password is not long enough. Please choose a different password.
Internal: 1198

SAP Error Code: 01-403

Description: The first three characters of a password must all be different
Internal: 1199

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