Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-404

Description: The first three characters must not occur in the user name
Internal: 1200

SAP Error Code: 01-405

Description: Password invalid (choose another password)
Internal: 1201

SAP Error Code: 01-406

Description: Program error occurred
Internal: 1202

SAP Error Code: 01-407

Description: Password invalid (choose another password)
Internal: 1203

SAP Error Code: 01-410

Description: Maintenance of user locked by user
Internal: 1204

SAP Error Code: 01-411

Description: Maintenance of profile locked by another user
Internal: 1205

SAP Error Code: 01-412

Description: Maintenance of authorization locked by another user
Internal: 1206

SAP Error Code: 01-413

Description: System lock administration error. Please notify your administrator
Internal: 1207

SAP Error Code: 01-414

Description: At least one login/min_password_asterix profile parameter is too large
Internal: 1208

SAP Error Code: 01-415

Description: A problem occurred in the kernel routine RSEC_GEN_PASSWD
Internal: 1209

SAP Error Code: 01-416

Description: No valid password generated; try again
Internal: 1210

SAP Error Code: 01-417

Description: Could not create user
Internal: 1211

SAP Error Code: 01-418

Description: At least one parameter value for GEN_PSW_MAX_asterix is not correct
Internal: 1212

SAP Error Code: 01-419

Description: Password hash rejected; password is deactivated
Internal: 1213

SAP Error Code: 01-423

Description: Object cannot be changed
Internal: 1214

SAP Error Code: 01-424

Description: Parameter cannot be selected
Internal: 1215

SAP Error Code: 01-425

Description: Authorization destroyed (delete and create again)
Internal: 1216

SAP Error Code: 01-426

Description: Printer is impossible (choose another printer)
Internal: 1217

SAP Error Code: 01-427

Description: Profile is inactive (use another profile)
Internal: 1218

SAP Error Code: 01-428

Description: Authorization is inactive (use another authorization)
Internal: 1219

SAP Error Code: 01-431

Description: Enter a short text
Internal: 1220

SAP Error Code: 01-432

Description: Object class already exists. Choose another name
Internal: 1221

SAP Error Code: 01-433

Description: Please specify the target object class
Internal: 1222

SAP Error Code: 01-434

Description: Object class does not exist. Please specify an existing class
Internal: 1223

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