Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-435

Description: Object cannot be created here. Please use another object class
Internal: 1224

SAP Error Code: 01-436

Description: Object was saved
Internal: 1225

SAP Error Code: 01-437

Description: Object was deleted
Internal: 1226

SAP Error Code: 01-438

Description: Please choose an object class
Internal: 1227

SAP Error Code: 01-439

Description: Choose an object
Internal: 1228

SAP Error Code: 01-440

Description: Fields were saved
Internal: 1229

SAP Error Code: 01-441

Description: Fields were activated
Internal: 1230

SAP Error Code: 01-442

Description: Data element does not exist (please maintain first)
Internal: 1231

SAP Error Code: 01-443

Description: Data element is inactive (please activate first)
Internal: 1232

SAP Error Code: 01-444

Description: Field table is not available (notify person in charge)
Internal: 1233

SAP Error Code: 01-445

Description: Field already exists (use another name)
Internal: 1234

SAP Error Code: 01-446

Description: Field maintenance locked by
Internal: 1235

SAP Error Code: 01-447

Description: Field table empty (notify person in charge)
Internal: 1236

SAP Error Code: 01-448

Description: Field maintenance is locked
Internal: 1237

SAP Error Code: 01-449

Description: Saving unsuccessful (notify person in charge)
Internal: 1238

SAP Error Code: 01-450

Description: Activating unsuccessful (notify person in charge)
Internal: 1239

SAP Error Code: 01-451

Description: Choose a line with data element
Internal: 1240

SAP Error Code: 01-452

Description: Field entered
Internal: 1241

SAP Error Code: 01-453

Description: Field cannot be deleted because it exists in at least 1 object
Internal: 1242

SAP Error Code: 01-454

Description: Field was deleted
Internal: 1243

SAP Error Code: 01-455

Description: Field was added
Internal: 1244

SAP Error Code: 01-456

Description: Please specify a field name
Internal: 1245

SAP Error Code: 01-457

Description: Enter a data element
Internal: 1246

SAP Error Code: 01-458

Description: Foreign key maintenance not possible for this field
Internal: 1247

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