Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-507

Description: No authorization to display assignments
Internal: 1296

SAP Error Code: 01-508

Description: No authorization to assign user to group
Internal: 1297

SAP Error Code: 01-509

Description: Subsidiary system deleted
Internal: 1298

SAP Error Code: 01-510

Description: You are not authorized to display authorization for object
Internal: 1299

SAP Error Code: 01-511

Description: You are not authorized to display profile
Internal: 1300

SAP Error Code: 01-512

Description: You are not authorized to display users in group
Internal: 1301

SAP Error Code: 01-513

Description: You are not authorized to unlock users in group
Internal: 1302

SAP Error Code: 01-514

Description: You are not authorized to change passwords in user group
Internal: 1303

SAP Error Code: 01-515

Description: No authorization to create auth. fields
Internal: 1304

SAP Error Code: 01-516

Description: No authorization to change auth. fields
Internal: 1305

SAP Error Code: 01-517

Description: No authoriztion to delete auth. fields
Internal: 1306

SAP Error Code: 01-518

Description: User group does not exist
Internal: 1307

SAP Error Code: 01-519

Description: Invalid user type
Internal: 1308

SAP Error Code: 01-520

Description: Object already exists
Internal: 1309

SAP Error Code: 01-521

Description: User group already exists
Internal: 1310

SAP Error Code: 01-522

Description: User group deleted
Internal: 1311

SAP Error Code: 01-523

Description: User group created
Internal: 1312

SAP Error Code: 01-524

Description: User group changed
Internal: 1313

SAP Error Code: 01-525

Description: Specify a user group
Internal: 1314

SAP Error Code: 01-526

Description: You are not authorized to remove group
Internal: 1315

SAP Error Code: 01-527

Description: You are not authorized to change the reference user assignment
Internal: 1316

SAP Error Code: 01-528

Description: Reference user assignment changed
Internal: 1317

SAP Error Code: 01-529

Description: Reference user assignment was not changed
Internal: 1318

SAP Error Code: 01-530

Description: This function cannot be selected
Internal: 1319

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