Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-531

Description: Error while calculating hash value
Internal: 1320

SAP Error Code: 01-532

Description: Conflict during hash value calculation
Internal: 1321

SAP Error Code: 01-533

Description: External ID is empty
Internal: 1322

SAP Error Code: 01-534

Description: Type for external ID is unknown
Internal: 1323

SAP Error Code: 01-535

Description: The status of an external ID must be "X" or " "; but is ""
Internal: 1324

SAP Error Code: 01-536

Description: Old name must not be empty
Internal: 1325

SAP Error Code: 01-537

Description: New name must not be empty
Internal: 1326

SAP Error Code: 01-538

Description: External ID maintenance is no longer available
Internal: 1327

SAP Error Code: 01-540

Description: You cannot log on (CUA system assignment missing)
Internal: 1328

SAP Error Code: 01-542

Description: User is locked
Internal: 1329

SAP Error Code: 01-543

Description: Debugging an external session is not allowed (profile value: )
Internal: 1330

SAP Error Code: 01-544

Description: You have no authorization for debugging
Internal: 1331

SAP Error Code: 01-545

Description: User is not authorized for debugging
Internal: 1332

SAP Error Code: 01-546

Description: You are not authorized for the external debugging of user
Internal: 1333

SAP Error Code: 01-547

Description: No authorization for displaying change documents for role
Internal: 1334

SAP Error Code: 01-550

Description: Please enter the name of a work area.
Internal: 1335

SAP Error Code: 01-551

Description: Enter a short description for the process.
Internal: 1336

SAP Error Code: 01-552

Description: Enter an auth. object or a subprocess.
Internal: 1337

SAP Error Code: 01-553

Description: Indicate mandatory or optional.
Internal: 1338

SAP Error Code: 01-554

Description: Please describe the usage of the auth. objects
Internal: 1339

SAP Error Code: 01-555

Description: Please enter documentation for the object
Internal: 1340

SAP Error Code: 01-556

Description: Master language is (variable should be entered here - variable1); Documentation can only be displayed
Internal: 1341

SAP Error Code: 01-561

Description: Please enter function name and short text
Internal: 1342

SAP Error Code: 01-562

Description: First enter an object name
Internal: 1343

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