Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-570

Description: Authorization object is used in programs (see long text)
Internal: 1344

SAP Error Code: 01-571

Description: User group deleted
Internal: 1345

SAP Error Code: 01-577

Description: User groups were adjusted
Internal: 1346

SAP Error Code: 01-580

Description: Transport of profiles and auths. from this client is not possible
Internal: 1347

SAP Error Code: 01-584

Description: No authorization for this action - see long text
Internal: 1348

SAP Error Code: 01-585

Description: No authorization for profile assignment for system
Internal: 1349

SAP Error Code: 01-586

Description: No authorization for role assignment for system
Internal: 1350

SAP Error Code: 01-587

Description: No authorization to distribute users to system
Internal: 1351

SAP Error Code: 01-588

Description: No authorization to distribute users
Internal: 1352

SAP Error Code: 01-589

Description: You are not authorized to assign profiles
Internal: 1353

SAP Error Code: 01-590

Description: You are not authorized to assign roles
Internal: 1354

SAP Error Code: 01-591

Description: The HR infotype 0105 could not be deleted for user
Internal: 1355

SAP Error Code: 01-592

Description: Could not change the HR org. infotype 0105
Internal: 1356

SAP Error Code: 01-597

Description: No profile found in the selected area
Internal: 1357

SAP Error Code: 01-600

Description: Enter a name and select at least one line
Internal: 1358

SAP Error Code: 01-601

Description: Please select at least one administrator type
Internal: 1359

SAP Error Code: 01-602

Description: Enter a user name
Internal: 1360

SAP Error Code: 01-603

Description: Save user first
Internal: 1361

SAP Error Code: 01-604

Description: User
Internal: 1362

SAP Error Code: 01-605

Description: Data saved
Internal: 1363

SAP Error Code: 01-609

Description: Internal error at ,
Internal: 1364

SAP Error Code: 01-610

Description: Selection criterion - is not supported
Internal: 1365

SAP Error Code: 01-611

Description: Invalid parameter value at
Internal: 1366

SAP Error Code: 01-612

Description: Search for communication data: Sign is not supported
Internal: 1367

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