Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-613

Description: Search for communication data: Option is not supported
Internal: 1368

SAP Error Code: 01-614

Description: Logical operation is not supported
Internal: 1369

SAP Error Code: 01-615

Description: Logical operation and arity are only supported in the first line
Internal: 1370

SAP Error Code: 01-616

Description: Specify parameters
Internal: 1371

SAP Error Code: 01-619

Description: Choose a role name
Internal: 1372

SAP Error Code: 01-620

Description: Please choose an authorization name
Internal: 1373

SAP Error Code: 01-621

Description: Authorization exists already; please choose another name
Internal: 1374

SAP Error Code: 01-622

Description: Please choose a user name
Internal: 1375

SAP Error Code: 01-623

Description: User does not exist, please choose an existing user
Internal: 1376

SAP Error Code: 01-624

Description: Choose a profile name
Internal: 1377

SAP Error Code: 01-625

Description: Profile exists already; choose another name
Internal: 1378

SAP Error Code: 01-626

Description: Enter a short text
Internal: 1379

SAP Error Code: 01-627

Description: Specify all values
Internal: 1380

SAP Error Code: 01-628

Description: Not possible to add further nodes
Internal: 1381

SAP Error Code: 01-650

Description: You are not authorized to make changes
Internal: 1382

SAP Error Code: 01-651

Description: Please choose an object
Internal: 1383

SAP Error Code: 01-652

Description: Select a row
Internal: 1384

SAP Error Code: 01-653

Description: Central license data maintenance is not supported by all systems
Internal: 1385

SAP Error Code: 01-654

Description: Object does not have an authorization field
Internal: 1386

SAP Error Code: 01-655

Description: Specify a linkage (AND/OR)
Internal: 1387

SAP Error Code: 01-660

Description: Authorization is not used in a profile
Internal: 1388

SAP Error Code: 01-661

Description: Profile is not used in a user
Internal: 1389

SAP Error Code: 01-670

Description: Target system : Release is lower than Release 4.6C
Internal: 1390

SAP Error Code: 01-671

Description: System could not create service user
Internal: 1391

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