Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-742

Description: You are not authorized to delete authorization documents
Internal: 1416

SAP Error Code: 01-743

Description: You are not authorized to delete profile documents
Internal: 1417

SAP Error Code: 01-744

Description: You are not authorized to delete user documents
Internal: 1418

SAP Error Code: 01-750

Description: User does not exist
Internal: 1419

SAP Error Code: 01-751

Description: Invalid time period
Internal: 1420

SAP Error Code: 01-752

Description: Client not created
Internal: 1421

SAP Error Code: 01-753

Description: User identical to substitute
Internal: 1422

SAP Error Code: 01-754

Description: Invalid country supplement entered
Internal: 1423

SAP Error Code: 01-755

Description: Change indicator is not supported
Internal: 1424

SAP Error Code: 01-760

Description: Selected combination must include object S_TCODE.
Internal: 1425

SAP Error Code: 01-770

Description: The validity date is being set to the last logon date
Internal: 1426

SAP Error Code: 01-771

Description: The system sets the validity date and an administrator lockexclamation-point
Internal: 1427

SAP Error Code: 01-772

Description: The parameters for changing the password contain an invalid combination
Internal: 1428

SAP Error Code: 01-777

Description: No authorization to perform mass changes
Internal: 1429

SAP Error Code: 01-790

Description: Target client is central system of central user administration
Internal: 1430

SAP Error Code: 01-791

Description: CUA target system: User distribution started in background
Internal: 1431

SAP Error Code: 01-792

Description: The status of child system was changed.
Internal: 1432

SAP Error Code: 01-800

Description: Select a user
Internal: 1433

SAP Error Code: 01-801

Description: Position the cursor on the user name
Internal: 1434

SAP Error Code: 01-802

Description: Search is running
Internal: 1435

SAP Error Code: 01-803

Description: No authorization to display critical transaction combinations
Internal: 1436

SAP Error Code: 01-804

Description: No authorization to change crit. comb.
Internal: 1437

SAP Error Code: 01-805

Description: No maintenance authorization for cross-client tables.
Internal: 1438

SAP Error Code: 01-806

Description: No maintenance authorization for user (variable should be entered here - variable1).
Internal: 1439

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