Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-807

Description: No display authorization for user (variable should be entered here - variable1).
Internal: 1440

SAP Error Code: 01-808

Description: You are not authorized to change crit. authorizations
Internal: 1441

SAP Error Code: 01-809

Description: Enter values
Internal: 1442

SAP Error Code: 01-810

Description: Object not unique, please specify.
Internal: 1443

SAP Error Code: 01-811

Description: System does not exist
Internal: 1444

SAP Error Code: 01-812

Description: Client does not exist.
Internal: 1445

SAP Error Code: 01-813

Description: Proposals accepted.
Internal: 1446

SAP Error Code: 01-814

Description: Profile does not exist
Internal: 1447

SAP Error Code: 01-815

Description: Role does not exist
Internal: 1448

SAP Error Code: 01-816

Description: Roles are in different systems and cannot be compared
Internal: 1449

SAP Error Code: 01-819

Description: Function does not exist
Internal: 1450

SAP Error Code: 01-820

Description: Client not available.
Internal: 1451

SAP Error Code: 01-821

Description: System can not be reached
Internal: 1452

SAP Error Code: 01-822

Description: System does not exist.
Internal: 1453

SAP Error Code: 01-823

Description: Incorrect entry.
Internal: 1454

SAP Error Code: 01-824

Description: User does not exist
Internal: 1455

SAP Error Code: 01-825

Description: No authorization.
Internal: 1456

SAP Error Code: 01-826

Description: Please enter object values.
Internal: 1457

SAP Error Code: 01-827

Description: Enter date
Internal: 1458

SAP Error Code: 01-828

Description: Enter a role name
Internal: 1459

SAP Error Code: 01-830

Description: Display authorization required for all users.
Internal: 1460

SAP Error Code: 01-831

Description: Internal error: A record is missing for user in table USREXTIDB
Internal: 1461

SAP Error Code: 01-832

Description: Could not lock maintenance of the external IDs for user
Internal: 1462

SAP Error Code: 01-833

Description: Internal error when saving an external ID for user
Internal: 1463

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