Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-834

Description: Could not unlock maintenance of the external IDs for user
Internal: 1464

SAP Error Code: 01-840

Description: Only the option '=' or pattern is possible here.
Internal: 1465

SAP Error Code: 01-845

Description: Target system was deleted from the "Systems" tab page
Internal: 1466

SAP Error Code: 01-850

Description: No active plan version available
Internal: 1467

SAP Error Code: 01-851

Description: Specify plant variant.
Internal: 1468

SAP Error Code: 01-852

Description: Enter a name
Internal: 1469

SAP Error Code: 01-853

Description: Role does not exist
Internal: 1470

SAP Error Code: 01-854

Description: No profiles are assigned to user
Internal: 1471

SAP Error Code: 01-855

Description: Composite role does not contain any single roles
Internal: 1472

SAP Error Code: 01-856

Description: No profiles for the contained single roles
Internal: 1473

SAP Error Code: 01-857

Description: There is no profile for role
Internal: 1474

SAP Error Code: 01-860

Description: Select role
Internal: 1475

SAP Error Code: 01-861

Description: You are not authorized to call the profile generator.
Internal: 1476

SAP Error Code: 01-862

Description: Error occurred determining user allocation
Internal: 1477

SAP Error Code: 01-865

Description: Profile does not exist in system .
Internal: 1478

SAP Error Code: 01-866

Description: Profile generated in system . Assignment cannot be carried out.
Internal: 1479

SAP Error Code: 01-867

Description: Enter a variant name for critical combinations
Internal: 1480

SAP Error Code: 01-868

Description: Enter a variant name for critical authorizations
Internal: 1481

SAP Error Code: 01-870

Description: Variant does not exist
Internal: 1482

SAP Error Code: 01-871

Description: Variant does not have any critical authorizations
Internal: 1483

SAP Error Code: 01-872

Description: Variant has no critical combinations
Internal: 1484

SAP Error Code: 01-873

Description: You are not authorized to display authorization profiles
Internal: 1485

SAP Error Code: 01-874

Description: No user groups found in selected area
Internal: 1486

SAP Error Code: 01-875

Description: User group was already assigned to the operator
Internal: 1487

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