Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 01-876

Description: Field does not exist
Internal: 1488

SAP Error Code: 01-877

Description: You are not authorized to display users
Internal: 1489

SAP Error Code: 01-878

Description: The result list is incomplete due to missing authorizations
Internal: 1490

SAP Error Code: 01-879

Description: Enter an ID
Internal: 1491

SAP Error Code: 01-880

Description: ID already exists
Internal: 1492

SAP Error Code: 01-890

Description: No values for object S_TCODE contained in authorization
Internal: 1493

SAP Error Code: 01-891

Description: No display authorization for authorization
Internal: 1494

SAP Error Code: 01-898

Description: No changes made. Problems with following users...
Internal: 1495

SAP Error Code: 01-899

Description: Following problems occurred with user (variable should be entered here - variable1):
Internal: 1496

SAP Error Code: 01-900

Description: Not possible to add further nodes
Internal: 1497

SAP Error Code: 02-001

Description: Function not currently supported
Internal: 1498

SAP Error Code: 02-002

Description: Specify a program title
Internal: 1499

SAP Error Code: 02-003

Description: List object has old format - processing not possible
Internal: 1500

SAP Error Code: 02-004

Description: Return:
Internal: 1501

SAP Error Code: 02-005

Description: No list generated
Internal: 1502

SAP Error Code: 02-006

Description: Save report in editor before maintaining headers
Internal: 1503

SAP Error Code: 02-008

Description: Place the cursor on a line
Internal: 1504

SAP Error Code: 02-009

Description: Component selection is possible only with reference to a structure
Internal: 1505

SAP Error Code: 02-010

Description: Specify
Internal: 1506

SAP Error Code: 02-011

Description: Component selection not possible for this structure specification
Internal: 1507

SAP Error Code: 02-012

Description: Do not use and together
Internal: 1508

SAP Error Code: 02-013

Description: You are not authorized to save lists in local files (SY-SUBRC (variable should be entered here - variable1))
Internal: 1509

SAP Error Code: 02-014

Description: Line width > 255: Cannot translate column headers
Internal: 1510

SAP Error Code: 02-015

Description: Printing canceled
Internal: 1511

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