Sap error codes and messages: 


SAP Error Code: 02-017

Description: No authorization to unpack a list (with RFC)
Internal: 1512

SAP Error Code: 02-020

Description: List cannot be converted
Internal: 1513

SAP Error Code: 02-050

Description: Error Saving the List in Local File
Internal: 1514

SAP Error Code: 02-100

Description: Unable to display line position . Make window larger
Internal: 1515

SAP Error Code: 02-106

Description: Error when saving the list in Office (error: )
Internal: 1516

SAP Error Code: 02-400

Description: Function module is not flagged as an update module
Internal: 1517

SAP Error Code: 02-503

Description: Text elements for program were not changed
Internal: 1518

SAP Error Code: 02-504

Description: Changed text elements for were not copied
Internal: 1519

SAP Error Code: 02-505

Description: Changed texts are active from next start of in language
Internal: 1520

SAP Error Code: 02-518

Description: Program texts for currently locked
Internal: 1521

SAP Error Code: 02-520

Description: Header identical to title deleted
Internal: 1522

SAP Error Code: 02-800

Description: Search unsuccessful - no hits found for:
Internal: 1523

SAP Error Code: 03-015

Description: Warning text suppressed when deleting for the first time
Internal: 1524

SAP Error Code: 03-101

Description: You are not authorized to display foreign lock entries
Internal: 1525

SAP Error Code: 03-102

Description: You are not authorized to delete lock entries
Internal: 1526

SAP Error Code: 03-103

Description: You are not authorized to delete foreign lock entries
Internal: 1527

SAP Error Code: 03-104

Description: You are not authorized to execute this function
Internal: 1528

SAP Error Code: 03-105

Description: You are not authorized to display foreign lock entries
Internal: 1529

SAP Error Code: 03-106

Description: Function can only be executed in central lock server
Internal: 1530

SAP Error Code: 03-110

Description: Object currently locked by user
Internal: 1531

SAP Error Code: 03-111

Description: Existing private lock prevents further private locks
Internal: 1532

SAP Error Code: 03-112

Description: Lock table overflow
Internal: 1533

SAP Error Code: 03-113

Description: System error during lock operation. Execute diagnostics in SM12
Internal: 1534

SAP Error Code: 03-114

Description: Call parameter error
Internal: 1535

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